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Globionic partnerships and services take many forms. Below is an example of one particular partnership which is publicly disclosed. 

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Nutralliance Announces Distributor Agreement with Globionic:
Launches Lavitol® DHQ in North America

YORBA LINDA, CA – On the heels of announcing an exclusive distribution agreement with Finland-based KÄÄPÄ Biotech Ltd., a specialist in mycological solutions, Brian Salerno, CEO of Nutralliance, has announced the company has signed an exclusive sales and distribution agreement with Globionic, a supplier that specializes in nutraceutical ingredients from Eastern Europe. 


Globionic obtained the exclusive sales rights for Lavitol® dihidroquercetin, a distinctive larch ingredient from Ametis Corp. based in Siberia, Russia. Lavitol DHQ is the first ingredient from the new alliance to be marketed exclusively in North America by Nutralliance.


Globionic was formed to locate unique and wild-sourced ingredients from Eastern Europe companies to bring their products to the USA or expand their business if there is already a presence here, according to Globionic president and CEO Bill Knudson. “There is an abundance of unique resources specific to this region. Many ingredient suppliers there, however, tend to lack the understanding of how to successfully market their researched ingredients in the US. There are numerous cultural, language, transportation and financing hurdles that hinder their expansion in North America, and Globionic was created to bridge those issues,” he explains.


Lavitol® dihydroquercetin (DHQ), obtained from the Dahurian Larch (Larix gmelinii­) is distinctive in chemical profile and in biological actions from arabinogalactan, the common extract of larch trees. While larch arabinogalactan is commonly used for immune support and as a soluble fiber, Lavitol DHQ is known to be one of nature's more powerful antioxidants and helps recycle vitamin C while limiting its oxidation. Lavitol DHQ is also scientifically shown to support cardiovascular, respiratory immune, eye/vision, skin, liver and endocrine health.  


Lavitol DHQ also has a potent sustainability story – it is extracted via a patented technology from larch tree stumps left behind from wood industry harvesting. Lavitol is produced year-round with an annual production of 13 tons of finished material in a state-of-the-art, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000-2005, and HACCP-compliant facility.  


“Lavitol DHQ will provide brands with a heavily researched and unique ingredient for a wide range of applications and consumer needs,” says Salerno. “And this is just one of many similar quality ingredients to come from Globionic, a company that itself has a unique position in the supply-side arena.”


Knudson comments, “Out of the many distributors out there in this space, Nutralliance was selected to be our exclusive distribution partner because of its stellar reputation in the industry for transparency, diligence, follow-through, testing and shipping expertise. All of which align with Globionic core principles that we have promised to our partners.”

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